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The Notarial Document and The Notary       

The Notarial Document 

The Notarial Document is the final document sale. There is to remember that: 
• in case of co-ownership, the action is valid if signed by all the compropietaris in presence of the notary, or that these have given a proxy to one representative of theirs 
• the house has to be free from mortgages, servitude or other ties; if instead the buyer accepts to load him of a mutual in progress, it needs to calculate the residual debt (capital to be refunded) 

The Notary 

The contract with which an immovable property officially changes property must be stipulates always from a notary, unless the purchase has happened after a judicial auction. The passage of property can happen in two forms: 
• engages private 
• Public fit 

The notary always entrusts him to pay the taxes of register, of mortgage and cadastral to load of the buyer and to take care of the transcript of the final act.

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