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The purchase 

After having picked up information on the immovable property, he passes to the procedures of purchase. On the followings aspects it needs to absolutely be sure: 
• the price 
• the zone 
• the type of stable 
• the dimension 
The other aspects of the negotiation are: the times of delivery of the immovable property, the lilt of the payments, the eventuality to apply to a mutual and the division of the expenses condominium in the period between the compromise and the notarial document.  
Preliminary but binding Agreement

In the Preliminary but binding Agreement they are had to point out all that details that then will be formalized in the notarial document. It deals with the phase most important and delicate of the negotiation, therefore it needs to have clear the followings points: 
• price of the immovable property 
• formality of payment 
• dates of trading 
• dates of delivery

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